Collective Office

Night view of rear private exterior courtyard.
Single volume for required programmatic request.
Single volume divided to separate required program area into private galleries.
Cleave the single volume and respect the new space in between.
Push the separate volumes to create front and rear spaces.
Lift the roofs at the center ridge point enhancing the privacy of each gallery.
Inset the court ends to enhance privacy, add a covered entrances and control solar exposure.
Folding exterior shell with transparent glass inner.
Offset building volumes connected by compressive soft roof & ceiling plane.
Clean offset plan provides two private separate gallery spaces. Each with a different exterior relationship.
Private exterior court.
Arial view of offset plan in landscape.
Entrance offset.
Shou-sugi-ban, burnt cedar siding with black standing seam metal roofing.
Night view provides privacy.
Interior indirect lighting above white oak millwork.
Offset plan creates clean private interior.
Interior spatial arrangement is open with options.

Thompson House

2011 / Buchanan, MI

This private gallery has been designed to accommodate the extensive private political collections of the client. Display millwork and shelving have been designed as the thicker exterior walls that wrap the interior becoming the necessary infrastructure as kitchen, storage and restroom functions. The project has been divided into 2 equal pieces that are separated by the main entrance hinge. This hinge is largely transparent, as are the walls that are pulled apart from the original rectangle. This transparency provides a view back to the main residence on the property and also to a private courtyard that is contained by new fencing and benching volumes and the landscape. This project is designed to come from the landscape and disappear back into the landscape. The 2 privacy fences meet the opposite ends of the building, enclosing the courtyard to the terrain, and opening to the vista. The natural existing landscape has been designed to remain completely in tact and added to where privacy and view framing are desired. The exterior material palette is back burnt cedar siding, and flamed black slate paving that open into the white internal shell of the gallery space. The exterior entrance decks are in cedar boards that are the same wide proportion as in the interior rough sawn white oak flooring. The flat roof connecting the two hip roofs transitions into a trellis over each entrance way. A beam extends to provide a place to hang a bell.


  • Client:
  • Project Team:
    Jeff Klymson
  • General Contractor:
    EC Moore