Collective Office

Approach building rendering.
First floor plan.
Second floor plan.
2 x 1,500 sf floorplates.
Cleave floorplates to allow program separation.
Pull halves apart to make space in between.
Push & pull halves to make front and rear spacial character.
Add garage and extend family and children wing.
Pull ridge, push eaves adding human scale to building experience.
Space in between buildings filled-in with transparent connection as kitchen and mudroom.
Front and rear of house paved to allow landscape transition.
Rear yard building rendering.
Front entrance walk adjacent to drive court for privacy, protection and informal seating place.
Rear building offset makes private rear yard experience from neighbor.
Rear Kitchen courtyard as extension of living space.
Master bathroom spatial section, eastern view and light.

Stevensville Residence

2014 / Stevensville, MI

This house sits on a long narrow lot, with a side access through a motor court. Designed as off-set living bars separated by the central kitchen space with a bridge flying over-head connecting the master suite with three other bedrooms. The material palette is vernacular with clean well considered details and transitions. The house will meet the landscape softly. 


  • Project Team:
    J. Klymson, D. Sehr, M. Borowiak.