If you’ve picked up this book, it is safe to assume you have a desire to know more about architecture. It might be a passing interest, but it is most likely because you are considering a construction project of some kind. In this case, simply knowing that architects are the people who design buildings isn’t enough. What does ‘design’ mean in the context of construc- tion? Who draws which plans? How do you move from design into construction? What should you ask potential General Contractors? What does a structural engineer do? Who do you congratulate when things go well? Who do you look to if things go badly? All these questions, and many more, are covered in ‘Speaking Architecture’.

Speaking Architecture is a resource of broad appeal and enduring value for everyone involved in bringing a building concept from imagination to reality...”

Lamar Johnson, Founder and Executive Chairman

Lamar Johnson Collaborative 

Planning a project ?

  • You will be better prepared to tackle your own project
  • Gain an appreciation and understanding for the architecture and

    construction process, its complexity and nuance

  • This book is aimed at the small, medium and large project
  • Whether you are an individual working on your home, or for a large

    company working on your next office space this book will provide valuable insight 

  • Provide a resource for you during your project