This ground-up building is an operations office that has been designed to embrace transparency and view, with a deep connection to site and place. The massing of the building has been designed to join the site, with a program and operational character of the project specific to this client. Each individual floor plate coincides with an operational group and connection to the company workflow that has been designed as neighborhoods.

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This project has been envisioned to deeply connect to site where the grade slopes around to the rear and north and the float above the landscape allowing the site to flow through, connecting visually and practically to better utilize this large outdoor space. The building has been divided into 5,000 sf neighborhoods, each to contain workgroups that will evolve and grow into these spatial volumes. The programmatic elements will be connected together with an informal meeting 'spine' that will link the workgroups together. Transparent glass and brick panels envelope white painted steel structure anchored with elements of cast in place concrete. The concrete elements begin in the landscape, and transition to the interior as plane that reinforces a solid strong experience and sense of connection to the site and place.

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