Our client approached us seeking an architectural solution for a wide range of programmatic needs that could lend itself to the many needs of a corporate office and manufacturing warehouse. Situated within an existing warehouse with 35’ ceilings, this new space needed to accommodate a growing Chicago company and their diverse group of operations.

In order to break up this tall space into a more human scale, we created a “little village” with familiar gabled roof forms comprised of each office program. This gives each location a unique identity that translates into an exciting interior experience. Creating this neighborhood develops a network of programs that speak to each other, visually and spatially. 

Hallstar 3
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To support the connection between the programs, the back of house space like the lab, manufacturing, and warehouse spaces, are configured to maximize efficiency with their adjacency to the other spaces. Visual connections through the mezzanine connect the office to the lab and similarly, the main floor workstations have direct access to the manufacturing space. The project contains 4 types of programs, corporate office, lab, manufacturing, and warehouse facilities for the production of their products. Our interventions create harmony between the operations and delivers a flexible work environment.

Not only did they welcome involvement, but they encouraged it. I think they knew it meant our shared success.”

Client, Hallstar Darien

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Hallstar 10 A

We are providing a wide range of flexible work areas with different degrees of privacy to suit the nuanced nature of tasks Hallstar’s diverse group of employees perform every day. The stadium stair is used as an informal working location, an alternate eating location, and for company-wide addresses. Both gabled forms contain different sized conference rooms with the ability to be more or less private. The mezzanine level above the workstations allow the company to expand within its space while maintaining a wide range of work environments. The cafe features custom millwork, a family-style table, and dining nooks that can also be used for meetings or individual productivity. Felt and acoustic ceiling tiles are used extensively to provide auditory comfort and verbal privacy against hard surfaces. 

Entering the space ignites curiosity and productivity. We have created a home for this company to live in, to grow in, to be productive in.

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The cafe nooks are enveloped in sound attenuating felt wall covering.

Hallstar 8 B

Stadium style seating provides flexible space for eating, working, meeting, etc.

Hallstar Construction 1

Each gabled volume is built out of extensive structural steel members.

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