In Construction

For this repeat client, we have taken their existing offices and lab in Bedford Park and created a new experience for their well established work flow. Our new space plan does not greatly differ from their existing plan, however we are replacing their solid opaque walls with glass partitions which can be opened in order to be more conducive to meeting and collaboration.

Hallstar II 05
Hallstar II 08
Hallstar II 03

We took inspiration from the first project for this client, Hallstar HQ. Although we did not have the ceiling height and floor space to create the 'little village' we did before, we have strategically used the ceiling to indicate a difference in spatial functionality: white for offices, labs, and other meeting spaces, and black for circulation. The dialogue between these two ceiling planes gives much needed depth to the otherwise confined and compressed existing space.

Hallstar II 01
Hallstar Bedford Park Construction 01
Hallstar II existing 05
Hallstar II 06
Hallstar II 04