Amazon best seller, for any successful construction project - residential or commercial, small or large - your understanding of people and processes is key. Speaking Architecture is an accessible handbook and in-depth reference for every stage of an architectural project, from brief and planning to construction and delivery, regardless of your project size. It explains who does what, demystifies key terms, and is an essential companion on your journey from project vision to reality. Throughout the book, lessons are articulated through anecdotes that make the content understandable to anyone. The book empowers you to understand the creative and practical contribution of architects, contractors, clients, and anyone in between.

Clients are the main focus for this field guide to the architectural process, but anyone who wants to understand the process of a project will benefit from picking up this book.


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"By framing the architectural process in language understandable to the novice, Speaking Architecture also serves as a critical resource for architects and contractors involved with clients who are not familiar with architecture projects. Through the use of 'architect's anecdotes' drawn from his 20 years experience in the field, Klymson gives architects a tool to use in communicating to clients throughout the project, increasing client satisfaction and enhancing relationships." - Lamar Johnson, Founder - Lamar Johnson Collaborative

"Speaking Architecture empowers individuals to gain a thorough understanding of the design and construction process allowing them to actively contribute to its success." - Carlo Parente, Assistant Professor - Toronto Metropolitan University

"Speaking Architecture has allowed me to understand the realities of a true architectural practice. This concise yet extensive exposition navigates the evolution of design and brings transparency to a complex system, making the book an essential resource for anyone who intersects with our built environment." - Trevor Lord, Business Development Director - Boldt Construction

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