As Honor Credit Union was rapidly expanding locations around Southwest Michigan, it quickly realized that it was time for their corporate headquarters to follow suit. Collective Office lended its expertise to usher the enterprise into their next chapter with a new corporate headquarters building. Through clever use of wayfinding and space planning, 4 disparate corporate offices were brought together in a way which enhanced and reinforced the company's existing work culture. By consolidating these groups into one location, the team was able to find greater cohesion and change the way they operate in order to keep up with their growing business.

Honor int 08

The interior of Honor HQ was imagined as a series of neighborhoods housing the various operational groups of the company. Each neighborhood is given a full range of seating and working options, offering a spectrum of connectivity or privacy to suit the varied working styles of each individual. Custom vinyl graphics and color coded carpeting throughout the space give each neighborhood a unique identity. 

The soaring open atrium at the center acts as a hub for all activity in the building. This communal area encourages social interaction and improves the wellbeing of its inhabitants.

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The office design has changed the way we work. It allows us to move around more, people can choose to work by the windows to get sunshine. It makes it easier for us to collaborate and be more flexible.”

Client, Honor HQ

Transparency is utilized throughout the project in order to maximize visual connection to its pastoral setting. The rest of the building is largely rendered in white to allow the landscape beyond to be the focus. The regular rhythm of the oversized window openings provide nearly every workstation with their own private landscape. The abundance of natural light in this project has become an indispensable asset for the company.

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Honor Credit Union was able to improve the working lives of their employees by actively engaging in the design process. Through good design, they were able to provide an environment which improves the working lives of their employees and encourages a productive workflow.