Honor Credit Union, a regional credit union in Southwest Michigan, was looking to expand their reach and reimagine their brand identity. Collective office was able distill their brand identity into a cohesive series of branch locations in this multi year regional rollout.

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The buildings take a quietly modern approach to design. Through a series of simple gestures, the buildings signify a departure from the stuffy and antiquated traditional banking sector. This results in a fresh appearance and air of approachability.

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The design team at Collective office also worked closely with the operations staff to develop a space plan which better reflects how people interact with their banking institutions in the 21st century.

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Consistent material palettes and design elements at each location help to reinforce the Honor’s brand identity while also easing the process of rolling out new locations. This consistency reinforces an image of reliability in the company.

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The roll out of locations across Southwest Michigan was successful in expanding the Credit Union’s reach in the region. The striking designs have helped Honor Credit Union cement their position in their communities and convey their brand ideals to the wider public before even setting foot inside.