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A young couple, their 3 large dogs, and newborn baby were looking for a respite from their busy lives in Chicago. Located just over an hour outside of Chicago on the sandy shores of Lake Michigan, this couple found an opportunity to create a custom vacation home that silences city life and focuses their attention on a slower way of living. Collective Office was able to guide this couple toward their ideal retreat through careful listening and a detailed exploration of how the space will be used.

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The house is organized into two distinct wings; one for sleeping quarters and one for living. These wings are connected by the kitchen which serves as the heart of the home and the center of all activity in the house. The offset nature of these wings develop a sense of privacy on the property, shielding the private spaces from neighboring buildings while framing views beyond. The back of the site contains an in-ground pool for entertaining with views directed to the river. A detached guest house and studio/office provides additional space for quiet contemplation.

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On the inside, a restrained color palette and minimalist detailing makes for a calming escape for the clients from the moment they walk in the home. The museum-like quality of the interior puts the outdoors on display and creates a serene environment to exist in. The vaulted ceilings and exposed steel structure create an unexpected sense of grandeur without overpowering the surrounding landscape. Interior space is organized by carefully curated millwork pieces which hide the clutter of everyday life while allowing for light to permeate the home.

Together we have made a space for connection, a space to be present, a space that allows life to unfold effortlessly. This minimal holiday home will help this growing family counter the chaos of modern life for years to come.

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