The Harcourt Residence has taken a 125 year old home with a dated 1960’s renovation and updated it to meet the contemporary needs of our client. Rather than allow the home to remain compartmentalized and under-built, we have created a light-filled interior experience with two additional levels to meet the needs of this growing family.

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In order to reduce the compartmentalization, we relocated the stair out of an awkward nook and into a prominent location that made circulation between levels convenient and more natural. A continuous louver element flows between each level as an architectural gesture that creates separation while allowing for the passage of light. The same white oak in the louver is used for the other millwork in the house; these wooden elements are highlighted by light finishes and minimalist detailing. This language continues to the facade, where wooden decking is complimented by blackened steel and black exterior cladding.

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A full in-law suite occupies a previously unfinished basement. The existing attic has been expanded into a master suite through a new pitched dormer that creates vaulted interior spaces. One of the 3 new bedrooms has been given a few roof deck that overlooks a completely reimagined rear deck that allows space for recreation. The kitchen remains as the center of the home. A waterfall edge island serves as the focal point, providing comfortable space for the preparation of meals and a place for work or casual conversation at other times of day. The kitchen facilitates circulation between the family room and the living room, where new entertainment center millwork provides storage in a striking visual statement.

Through an open floorplan concept, we have created a space for this family to enjoy time with each other for many years to come.

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