After searching for a building they could grow into, the clients found this dilapidated former factory built in 1889 and envisioned a home waiting to be realized inside of it. The interior was scraped clean 24 dump trucks later and restructured to make way for an efficient living space with soaring ceilings.

The main floor plan was reconfigured to place sleeping quarters on the ends of the building, one end for a guest suite, one end for the family. These spaces are connected by the living room and kitchen where a courtyard has been carved into, creating an intimate connection to the outdoors that integrates itself into the living spaces.

Courtyard 13
CO Existing Conditions 02
CO Existing Conditions 01
Courtyard 07
Courtyard 22

Throughout the home, storage has been integrated into the layout in a way that isn't intrusive to the interiors. The organization of each space was carefully calculated to provide maximum storage with maximum space. Breaking up the floor plan creates privacy and connection where necessary and creates a place that naturally lends itself to storage. Maintaining a neutral palette allows for the numerous art pieces displayed on the walls to take center stage, while the dark millwork offsets the neutrality to provide interest.

Courtyard 10
Courtyard 03
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Courtyard 01

We have transformed this piece of Chicago history into a home that counters the chaos of modern life, carefully considering how the home will be lived in and how each room has a connection to another. We have developed a home that is an extension of who the client wants to be.