600 N. Fairbanks is an iconic Helmut Jahn condominium in Chicago's Streeterville Neighborhood. We were asked to bring new life to the lobby space, and to help make it current for the evolving way these spaces are used today and into the future.

The primary objective is to capitalize on the visual experience from the intersection of Ohio & Fairbanks. We quickly realized the original Jahn project utilized a ribbon element (walls) that weave through the public/ private Lobby space. At the time the building was built, spot lighting was employed to highlight this feature which was painted brown. We are proposing to highlight this ribbon element with a metal drapery pushing LED lighting into the material to allow this revised backdrop to shimmer. We are also making the exterior glass at the mail room frosted to allow privacy and to move the package storage to this location, away from the reception desk. We are proposing a new Living Room layout for waiting area reupholstering some of the existing beautiful furniture together with a few new pieces.

A new reception desk is being designed and rotated to allow better flow for residents and more visibility.

Fairbanks 04
Fairbanks 03
Fairbanks plan
Fairbanks 02
Fairbanks 01