Together with a wonderful client and a great team, we brought this 80's urban concrete loft to life in a very short timeline. The design for this project took only 8 weeks while construction was completed in less than 4 months where the existing framework of the loft was refurbished and infused with modern day function and style.

West loop dwg 02

The existing features of this loft are what makes this project unique. The layout of some spaces were reorganized to provide a more efficient plan that fits with how the client uses the space. We were able to refinish the existing floors with careful patching and repair as well as refurbishing the kitchen cabinets. The exterior brick walls and concrete columns and ceilings were left exposed which supplements the project with depth in textures.

West loop 08
West loop 11
West loop 03
Display shelves

Strategically integrated lighting provides a gallery-quality display for sculpture and pottery

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To tie the whole project together we developed a design language that carries through each space. Millwork is used throughout as a way to use the spaces efficiently and effectively. They act as a storage solution but also serves as a display for this artist's collections. We integrated lighting into many of the displays as well as provided consistent overhead lighting to ensure the best environment to appreciate the pieces. 

West loop 36
West loop 05
West loop 04

We designed fully custom hardware pulls cut from solid brass tubing and recessed into each door & drawer.

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West loop 16
West loop construction 03
West loop construction 02

By taking cues from raw materials of the loft, we developed a warm and rich palette that enhances the existing features of the space. Refined dark walnut millwork stands in contrast to the raw brick and concrete textures of the loft with light walls and oak cabinets grounding the space. We developed an experience that shows the life of the project, a timeless indication of how architecture can endure.

West loop 33
West loop 02